It's Time to END Predatory Business Practices Towards Creators

The influencer world is muddled with bad deals and high fees. There’s no oversight over agencies that bring you deals. Did you know you often lose 40-50% of the money originally offered to fees? That’s if the deal is even real.

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At Novo, we understand creators because we are creators. Our owners, Matt Zagursky and Devin Nash are partnered Twitch and Youtube creators. We built this business to solve the problems we ourselves run into.

Novo is the first agency to offer creators:

Total Deal Transparency

You can audit any deal, contract to contract, that we do. You see every fee and charge, and the total amount the brand actually offered for you.

Custom Deals For You

We only bring you deals you’re interested in, based on what you indicate to us. We only want you to work with brands you’re interested in.

NO BS deals.

NO hidden fees.

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An Agency Built for Creators by Creators

Our agency is co-founded by two top creators who are tired of the predatory business practices in the industry.

Portrait of Matt Zagursky, co-founder of

Matt Zagursky

is the founder of N3RDFUSION, a creative management company bringing Fortune 500 companies to advertise on Twitch and Youtube. Pioneering Minecraft on Twitch, his livestream was one of the most popular on the platform. He holds a PhD in Astrophysics and is the leading creative domain expert in new social media platforms.

Portrait of Devin Nash, co-founder of

Devin Nash

is an entrepreneur and the former CEO of Counter Logic Gaming, one of the top North American esports teams. Devin is one of the top thought leaders in the marketing and advertising world for new media. He ran a top 1% Twitch stream and creates videos about the creator space on Youtube with millions of views.

We both started creating on Twitch and Youtube in 2012. We are the only people with real creator experience who are also running a full creative agency.

Our idea to start Novo came from witnessing  a series of predatory deals happening to our influencer friends across Twitch and Youtube.

In one deal, we saw an agency take $100,000 from a famous car brand for one influencer on Twitch. The agency pocketed $90,000 and then charged a 20% fee on the $10,000! The total to the agency was $92,000 with the influencer only getting $8,000. The influencer thought they got a lot of money!

Deals like this happen every day in the influencer and esports world. Most influencers are never taught what they are worth. They don’t have time to research sponsorships. Creating content requires so many hours that often your business will fall behind.

We created an agency to provide real opportunities to creators of all sizes and make sure that you get what you’re worth.

The Truth about Getting SPONSORED

As a creator, you are a small business. The most successful creators employ teams of people that help them syndicate content, develop ideas, and support the infrastructure of their business.

For large and small creators alike, a huge percentage of your income comes from sponsorships. Sponsors pay to advertise their products with you. Successfully working with sponsors will earn you THOUSANDS of dollars more on top of what you earn.

Unfortunately, if you’re like most creators, getting sponsors is a huge pain.

CREATORS! Are you running into these problems when you try to get sponsors?

You have to reach out and field calls with brands - taking away from creating content.

You don’t know how to price yourself or where to start.

You often have to sign exclusively with an agency, limiting your deal flow and opportunities.

This is a problem for thousands of creators. Even if you do get offers, how do you know if they are too low? And how will you get someone to understand your content well enough to sell for you?

Most agencies have a rolodex of pre-sold sponsors they offer to their exclusive roster. The products and services you advertise might be ones you like and they might not. You might like your rates and you might not.

Either way, you have to trust your exclusive agency to sell for you.

Often agencies will hold onto talent and not offer them any deals. They hold you in a predatory contract because having you in a multi-year contract increases the value of their company. They have no obligation to sell you or earn you any money, but you have to sign exclusively with them.

This isn’t just limited to influencers and content creators. Unfortunately, artists and musicians are forced into these contracts too. They’re hoping for the opportunity to succeed and think the only way there is the promises these big agencies give them.

As creators ourselves, we’ve encountered this problem again and again. Our mission at Novo became to help creators get out of this vicious cycle.

We think we came up with a strong answer.

Get Sponsored Effortlessly -
Introducing Novo Nexus

Welcome to Novo Nexus. Novo Nexus is a full service solution for creators to get sponsored.

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Logo of Nexus by Novo, a full service solution for creators to get sponsorships.

Here's how it works

Connect the platforms you influence on via our API system
Answer questions about your brand and who you are.
You’re done. Opportunities to work with sponsors will come your way

We connect with hundreds of brands via our outbound sales process in dozens of categories of products and services. Using algorithmic learning, we connect you with brands that you want to represent. A domain expert vets the entire deal end-to-end and you receive your offer.

Each campaign is managed by one of our account managers. As a creator, you aren’t just in some automated system. No bot is picking your offers or managing you. From sales, to domain experts, to account managers, our staff is trained by actual top 1% creators to create get you the best sponsorships possible.

Work with Brands you Actually LIKE

Novo Nexus uses machine learning and tagging to identify deals that you will actually like. Our brand deals are created by trained sales teams that reach out to brands. We want brands to succeed too and they do that by working with influencers who want to authentically advertise their products.

After getting the brand deal, we run our algorithm to pull a list of influencers from Novo Nexus who represent the brand well. Then our domain experts - top 1% creators themselves - verify that all parts of the deal makes sense.

The offer goes out to you and the campaign is then created. The campaign is handled by a human the whole way through.

Novo Nexus gives you the opportunity to partner with authentic brands you actually want to sell.

Novo Nexus gives you an unrivaled advantage:


Just login and create your account, link your APIs and you are done. We will never ask you to pay for anything, enter a credit card, or pay a random fee.


We will never ask you to work only with us. Get offers and opportunities from anyone you like.


Never deal with a bot. You’ll be in a live chat with your account manager for the entire deal duration


You can see our entire deal, including what we are paid by the brand and what we pay you. Our service ranges between 15%-20% of your deal. We never take more than 20%.


Via platform APIs, we only see your channel viewer metrics. We won’t ever share or sell data we get from you


We use Trolley, an easy payment system you can register for that handles all your payments and tax information. Everything is in one place.

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Get started by logging into Novo Nexus HERE. Please take the time to answer the questions as in depth as you can! Better answers = more offers out to you.

There is NO downside to signing up with Novo Nexus now. Login and let’s work together to make this space better for brands and creators alike.

We’re so excited to support you on your creator journey!

Devin Nash, Novo Co-Founder
Matt Zagursky, Novo Co-Founder