It's Time to Stand Against Predatory Business Practices

The first full service agency dedicated to transparency and ethics in the new media industry.

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The Current State of the Gaming Industry

Over the last six years in the gaming industry, we've seen streamers and youtubers lose millions on bad deals. Creators have had to buy their rights back from agencies. Many careers are ended because of bad contracts.

We are at an inflection point. New influencers are in danger of repeating the same mistakes made with unfair deals in the Hollywood and music scene. We can choose to turn this industry around and build the gaming industry on transparency and ethics.

This is our mission at Novo.

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Novo is the first agency built by creators for creators.

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Total Transparency

Did you know hundreds of streamers don't actually own their sponsorship deals? Agencies change, modify, or even cancel deals from streamers all the time, leaving them with no money.

At Novo you see the entire deal flow from start to finish. Most importantly, you own the deal, not us. Contracts are written between you and the brand you represent.

We create a small addendum to manage the deal for you and take a flat 20%. You own the deal and keep your money all the way through.


Tailored Sales Experience

Most agencies just sell deals that come into your email. Want another sponsorship for RAID: Shadow Legends or the latest mobile game? Those are the types of deals you can expect.

As a boutique agency, our ownership team and sales team meets directly with you and understands you. We actually reach out to people on your behalf and set up partnerships with people you want to work with.


Brand Growth and Strategy

We are the ONLY agency run by influencers. Our ownership are top 1% of Twitch/Youtube. We understand the industry because we are in the industry every day.

Our co-owners stream and make videos every day on Twitch and Youtube. Both are thought leaders on brand growth and strategy.

Most agencies just say they will “grow your brand” but have no idea as to how, because they’ve never done it themselves. You’ll have to put in the work, but we’ll arm you with the tools to succeed.


Build High Quality Revenue Streams

Many streamers and Youtubers rely completely on their advertising revenue and subscribers to pay the bills.

As a creator, your brand deals should be specific to you and high value. We work to build you monthly recurring revenue streams you can rely on.

Brands Are Failing To Capture The Most Important Moment In Marketing History

The most connected audience isn’t on TV or radio anymore.

Every year companies spend BILLIONS of dollars on advertising that nobody pays attention to. People of all ages are becoming deaf to traditional advertising.

Advertising has changed. Consumers value the opinions of people they know, like, and trust far more than the traditional advertising techniques of old. You must connect and identify with your customer to build a brand in 2020.

So much of business is just fighting for attention. Your product messaging will face skepticism and resistance at an unprecedented level.

What is the answer? How do you break through the oversaturation? How do you create an authentic message that people actually care about?

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It's Our Mission at Novo to Introduce Brands to a New Era of Marketing


New Platforms to Solve New Problems

Twitch and Youtube have changed advertising. New media revolves around influencers you can talk to in real time. The result is a built-in trust that doesn't exist anywhere else.

At Novo we translate your brand messaging to these new age content creators and work with them to feature your products and services. You will see substantial growth in your advertising.


Easily Translate Your Brand to the New Media Space

Investing in Twitch, Youtube, or new social media is a nightmare. Making a single advertisement is frustrating and confusing.

If you want to advertise your product/service on new media, you need:

  • A Platform — brands have to negotiate a rate with the platform itself to advertise
  • Creative Agency — A team that understands Twitch/Youtube/media space and can identify what ad will land with your audience
  • Talent Agency — A group to collect influncers together to advertise your product/service
  • Production Company — A group to actually make the production happen and manage the process

That's four different companies just to get a well-produced ad for new media.

At Novo, we've developed the first full pipeline that can start you at an idea and end with a finished product.

We combine the best aspects of all four and lose none of the quality.


A 360° Solution For A New Age

At Novo we create solutions for your business at any part of the process.

  • Creative — Our full-time creative team of industry experts specialize in understanding the how brands connect to new demographics. Our team works with everyone from Fortune 500s to local businesses to translate their brand messaging for new social platforms.
  • Talent — We exclusively sign some of the most innovative and brand forward talent on all of Twitch and Youtube. Our team of top 1% influencers are highly trained to cultivate and spread your brand message.
  • Production — Our full-time staff runs out of a 2,500 square foot studio with three stages to produce any custom solution.

Enter authentic marketing.

You’ve heard of influencer marketing before. Post your product on a photo next to an Instagram star and wait for the money to roll in. ….Right?

Or so many companies think. The reality is you end up as one of thousands of “brand activations” and no one actually connects to your brand.

You spend thousands of dollars for no results. It’s enough to make anyone give up on influencer marketing.

Vibrant image of someone working on their laptop with audio equipment.