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How to Take Your Brand to the Next Level

Are these things important to you?

  • Building up your relationship with your viewers and fans
  • Making more income off of your primary platform
  • Growing your brand

You need to add merchandise to your brand.

Most content creators underestimate merchandise. They think it’s not for them because it takes a massive amount of work to set up. Or that it won’t make that much money because no one will buy it.

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Lifechanging Results for Content Creators

A properly done merch campaign can more than triple your income from your channel.

For most creators, a merch campaign takes too much time to set up. It’s a completely different direction to go than creating content. And some creators don’t know where to start.

As a result, many creators end up using a full service solutions that take an insane percentage of your profit and produces low quality factory items. Worse, they don’t pay attention to the intricacies of your brand and what makes you a content creator.

We are Top Influencers - We Built the Service We Wished We Had

Merch by Novo was started by top 1% Twitch and Youtube influencers Devin Nash and Matthew Zagursky.

We’ve created content and managed influencers for seven years. We see way too many influencers end up with bad merch deals and low quality products.

We built the service we wanted. We’re the only service for creators run by actual creators.

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A Full Service,
End-to-End CUSTOM Merchandising Solution

Merch by Novo is a complete solution for your merch.

Your campaign begins by meeting with us and telling us exactly how you want the campaign to run.

We design campaigns from the ground up using themes from your channel. We can also work directly with you to develop your dream campaign.

150+ Product Categories
Creative Campaign Creation
Your Own Storefront
Custom Finishes
Drop Series and Limited Time Merchandise
Persistent Store Fronts
Campaigns Created for You Without ANY Input
And TONS more...

Your Uniqueness is the LIFEBLOOD of Your Channel

A merchandising campaign that doesn’t reflect your brand will alienate your fans. The unique feel of your channel is why people support you.

We’ve made it our mission to capture that uniqueness in your merchandise. We study your brand and talk to you to learn what makes you unique and build that into successful products.

How Your Merch Campaign Starts

A domain expert meets up with you and talks about your goals with a merchandising campaign.


You decide how much input we have! We’ll build the whole campaign or work within your specifications.


Bring in artists from your community or use our team to design your products.


We design your products and store and get everything ready for launch!

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Solutions for ALL SIZES of Content Creators

Many creators think they need to be a massive brand to start their merch.

We’ve run the numbers and the average content creator will triple their income at the below sizes.

To build a successful merch campaign, you just need an established base community. Of course, a bigger community means bigger success. But you don’t need to be huge to get started.

Concurrent Viewers
Campaign Strategy

We build the creative vision for your campaign.

Product Development

We create a product line that captures the uniqueness of your brand and incorporates all of your suggestions.

Website Development

We build your storefront and have support for custom domains.


Based on dozens of successful previous campaigns, we work with you to structure your marketing timelines and cadence to optimize your goals.

Customer Support

Your customers can send a direct message to our support team any time. 100% money-back guarantee and full refunds.

Logistics and Fulfillment

Shipping around the world from warehouses located in the United States and Europe.

Production and Freight

We ship product to you first. At the time your storefront opens your product is ready to buy and ship that day.


Total Sales


We worked with the influencer to build a product line completely unique to their brand. We also created custom tags, inserts, bags, and box art for fulfillment.

These sales were made in just 48 hours.

Total Sales


A smaller community (< 2000 concurrent viewers on Twitch) does a drop of four products unique to their community.

These are the results after only 24 hours!

Lifechanging Results for Content Creators

A product line will meaningfully change your community forever. It’s not just about the money spiderman. There are so many benefits to building a product line.

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Cement your Legitimacy as a Professional Content Creator

Product lines cement that you are an established, professional brand. It generates more respect among your community, sponsors, and industry professionals.

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Income to Fuel Your Projects

Product lines are MASSIVE spikes in income you can use to fuel your project or content ideas!

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More Dedicated Supporters

Fans that buy and support you are more engaged in the future.

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Brand Diversification

Gain another consistent income stream that’s separate from your main content.

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