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Advertising Sucks.

History tends to repeat itself, doesn’t it?

Most advertising doesn’t work.

It keeps people from seeing content they want to see. It’s a “necessary evil” in the digital world.

Ads are stuffy, annoying, and invasive. They don’t resonate with their audiences. Companies and agencies are bringing these same old annoying ads to new platforms - Twitch, Youtube, and Tiktok.

Agencies create inauthentic, boring advertisements for your brand that no one is interested in. Influencers aren’t even interested in talking about the ad - they just want to get paid!


New social media platforms are the most powerful forms of advertising ever invented. But every tool is only as useful as who is using it. Over the last ten years in the gaming industry, creators and brands lost millions on bad deals.

Creators get low pay because of high agency fees. Brands walk away with disappointing results for their advertising campaigns.

Why do these advertising deals keep going wrong?

Because no one running influencer advertising campaigns ever actually used the platforms themselves.

Image showcasing different branches of content creation.

Twitch, Youtube, and Tiktok are the most powerful advertising platforms ever invented.

.. But only if used properly!

We Need a New Solution for New Platforms

Avg. Viewtime of Livestreams
109 minutes
2x of Superbowl watchtime
Built Campaigns on New Media
4x the engagement
on Twitch, Youtube, and Tiktok over any other media or advertising

Would you trust a doctor who never practiced medicine with your health?

Of course not.

So why trust the health of your business to agencies who never actually used new media platforms? Twitch, Tiktok, and Youtube don’t need anymore boring old advertisements. Influencers present different opportunities and challenges than the media advertising that came before them.

Influencers can connect customers and products together like never before. Tragically, they’re rarely used for that purpose.

How do we unlock the POWER of these platforms, and make campaigns succeed on them?

Group of fans photographing a subject.

Twitch, Youtube, Instagram, and Tiktok Have Their Own Culture

Each year, companies spend BILLIONS on advertising on new platforms.

And nothing comes of it.

You know the power of influencer marketing by now. Post your product with an instagram star and wait for the money. Pay a Twitch streamer to talk about your product to make it the next big thing. Right?

Most companies think it’s that easy. The reality is you end up one of the thousands of “brand activations” that no one cares about. No one connects with your brand. Companies and agencies don’t know how to advertise on these platforms because they’ve never built anything on them!

New platforms have new cultures. New problems need new solutions.

The Gaming Industry Needs Authentic Marketing

Over eight years ago, Matt Zagursky and I, Devin Nash, the cofounders of Novo, started our individual journeys to become influencers. We built ourselves up to become top 1% creators across multiple platforms, including Twitch and Youtube.

Along the way, we both found issues with the gaming industry that we wanted to fix. Matt started an influencer management company - N3RDFUSION - to help solve the problem of influencers getting mistreated in deals. I helped create an esports team - Counter Logic Gaming - and later sold it to Madison Square Garden.

After almost a decade of working with brands and creators, we both started to see the same problem appearing over and over again.

Image of Matt Zagursky and Devin Nash, co-founders of Novo.
The Problem goes something like this:
Find Influencers

Brands and agencies hire random influencers to advertise a product or service.

Influencer Advertises Product

The Influencer advertises the product. WIthout direction and knowledgeable campaign customization, the ad is hit or miss.

Fees and Extra Costs

Too many middlemen create high fees for both the influencer and creator. On average only 60% of a brand's budget is used to actually find and pay creators.


Both the brand and the influencer walk away UNHAPPY. The brand doesn’t get the results because their campaign wasn’t tailored to what they needed in the first place. The creator is underpaid and not motivated to accept future deals.

What happened? Where did the deal go wrong?

The deal breaks down because no one took the time to:

Careful Consideration
Consider if the influencer chosen is a fit for the brand in the first place.
Design the campaign in a way authentic to the platform the advertisement will appear on.
Measure the results of the campaign and optimize it against hundreds of other deals.

That's why we created Novo.

Our mission at Novo is to bring brands and influencers together to advertise in an authentic way that's native to each platform.

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Why You Need Authentic Marketing.

If you’ve kept up on the marketing world, you know that influencer marketing drives insane results.

Brands are increasing their budgets to advertise with influencers after seeing others achieve these results.

They see the incredible results some brands are getting and want better advertising for themselves.

But after months of trying and hundreds of thousands of dollars, they don’t produce the same results.

What went wrong?

The truth is, all influencers don't build their brands equally.

  • Not all influencers can advertise products and services equally.
  • Not all followers are the same quality.
  • A lot of followers don't even exist. They're just programmed bots.

As a brand, you have no way to sort out the quality of influencers. And what agencies don’t want you to know is that they don’t either.

Your brand puts money with a talent agency and hopes their roster represents its product or service well. The agency with that roster usually does zero quality control to determine if your influencer is the right fit for your product.

The result is a toss up. The campaign might go well, or it might burn the whole budget with little results.

How to Get Real Results From Your Brand Deals

Advertising on Twitch, Youtube, Tiktok, and new social media platforms doesn’t have to be a toss up. At Novo, we translate your brand to these spaces.

We create a full campaign, managed end-to-end, as a total advertising solution for your brand.

  • You give us your marketing budget.
  • We hand pick from over 400 influencers who are interested in your brand category.
  • We build you the full creative campaign, manage, and execute it.
  • We send you the reporting for how it did.

We accomplish what no other talent agency or creative agency can do in the new media industry. At Novo, you get a total advertising solution for your business.

We have dedicated teams ready to drive specific results for your brand:

Hands-On Creative Team

  • A full time creative team of specialized brand experts led by Matt Zagursky - a legend in brand development within the Gaming Industry.
  • Our proprietary process that has transformed Fortune 500 campaigns on new media platforms.

Data-Driven Talent Selection

  • We catalog over 400 influencers on a proprietary data system that builds a unique profile for each influencer.
  • Each influencer we select for your campaign will identify with your brand category. They’re excited to work with your brand!

Competitive Pricing and Reporting

  • Most other agencies in new media use our reporting and pricing.
  • We set prices based on real engagement, not on BS advertising metrics and fake impressions.
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